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Part 2

Chino XL is with us for a typically thorough and massively energetic feature-length interview. We talk Ricanstruction, the laws of destiny’s path,how President Barack Obama loves his music, his forthcoming guest features, Immortal Technique and a plethora of other topics, including the fact that an extremely well-known female artist regularly downloads this show. Who could it be? This is essential listening.

Masta Ace sounds as accomplished as you’d expect, as he saunters onto the show to chat history, his learning curve, the new Ed OG album ‘Arts & Entertainment’ and more in a revealing interview with this pioneer and veteren of hip hop.

Lowkey takes time out of his non-stop schedule to address the highly anticipated single ‘Voices Of The Voiceless’, his first collaboration with Immortal Technique, dropping September 21st on iTunes. He explains who the voiceless are and why they are marginalized, as well as touching on themes such as politics, the BNP, his future solo work and more.

Poison Pen is having his Freeway-esque beard trimmed whilst talking to us on this show. You can always expect the unexpected with this guy but do prepare to be shocked, teased and amused as we talk money shots, porn stars and Peter North. Be on the look out for the fight that starts outside a retail outlet selling cooked chicken.