Qwel + Maker – So Be It

Qwel and Makers latest album So Be It is available today, via Galapagos4, peace to Jeff

Galapagos4 1st ever Podcast

So I invited Qwel & the fam out for a friendly Sunday BBQ, then lured him into the cave with 97 tallboys of Becks (big ups to 3.99 4-packs @ my Logan Square Food Smart) and forced him to talk about his feelings for your listening pleasure.

In G4’s 1st ever Podcast, you’ll hear the Qwelly explain tracks from the new album ‘So Be It’, as well as his Behind The Rapper’s Studio interview with James Lipton, a live in studio (aka my crib) alternate version of one of the new tracks that you’ll never hear again, bonus tracks that didn’t make the album, classics, exclusives, jokes, seriousness, philosophy, backstage antics, your favorite rapper, & everything else you’d expect to be covered in nearly an hour of Qwel in front of a mic with an open platform.