Taken off the new EP by Lefty of the Bash Bros., produced by DEXTAH who’s beats I’m a big fan of. Small World, Big Noise is available now on Itunes.

Uzi Scott – Permanent Midnight

Lefty teamed up with Chicago native producer Dextah to take an artistic leap not commonly seen in the Hip Hop genre. The first single release from Small World, Big Noise is the new soundtrack for Hip Hop’s hopeless romantics titled “Never Knew Me.” Accompanied by a video, the track digs deep into the core of broken relationships between men & women. Lefty’s heart wrenching lyrics narrate a relationship gone sour over a street psychedelic beat. Small World, Big Noise continues with songs “Permanent Midnight” “SkyWalker” & “Big Noise” which prove to be smart, edgy, & dangerous. While dealing with current times & issues, the tracks provide a sonic pathway to the future. Small World, Big Noise EP is a triumphant and cohesive piece that introduces listeners to an emerging star, proving through its brevity that at times less is more.

1. Permanent Midnight (cuts by DJ Icewater)
2. Never Knew Me
3. SkyWalker
4. Big Noise
5. Feed Me
6. Greetings