Pioneering MC and former LL/G Rap mentor Silver Fox recently posted the lyrics to a song that’s been in his head since the 80s titled The Mist. Spotted at the Old School Hip Hop Forum


Her name was Kay she was eight years old in the third grade
her hair in braids and barrets after school she dont play
cause everyday mamas boyfriend picks her up in a chevrolet
and touch her up in the wrong way…
The last thing she heard her mom say was..
“hey Kay while i’m working
you better behave
and obey everything he say’s”
as he clicks off the lights, pull down the shades
on the bed she lays
eyes closed as she prays “dear god take me away
to a place where clouds are blue but never grey”
but who hears? Who cares? Who feels the tears of an eight year old
living in fear
crying for mama but moms not there..
… Its just him
and the smell of beer in the air…
While upstairs
gun in his mouth ready to cap out
had his whole life mapped out till he got cracked out
credit cards maxed out bank account depleted
wifey left him said “he had a habit had to feed it”
now he’s all alone in the dark drinking sinking further down
thinking that he might drown.
Some might scream
but he dont make a sound… Just keep his finger on the trigger
click…..and twist through the mist.

A big diease with a little name a..i..d..s
crept into your bloodstream and left your body a mess
you cant digest..
Mama lays your head on her breast wipe the sweat from your brow
saying “rest now.. It’s for the best now”
but somehow you can’t forget..
How that lifestyle got you taking your last breath.
And you aint even twenty yet
you did’nt suspect, did’nt expect it would be like this
the last thing you feel is your moms kiss.. As you twist through the mist
While uptown another body found in a dumpster
another youngster burned beyond recognition
I told them it was the mother, but who listened?
Untill she confessed
she said she did it all caused she was stressed
now tell me whats stress?
That thing between angry and depressed
it makes you wake up in the mornning and beat your fist on your chest
walk out the door punching the walls in the halls till your hands bleed
you feel the whole world closing in and you can’t breathe
the last thing you need is a baby crying so you lash out
you see the blood gushing from his mouth. What you done did? Killed your only kid?
You stare at you bloodsoaked fist saying ohhhhh sshhhh
no way out of this.. So you twist throught the mist..
I saw your son fourteen years old with a skimask on
thats how he got his cash on
thinking he could blast on..anybody
he did’nt last long when they found his body.
He was in a fetal position ears was missing…
Cause he didnt listen
so he became an example or a symbol to the evil that men do
like they did kendel when she was just a baby,
dressed her up like a lady
now she’s living shady they call her crazy ladie
i saw it all in my lifetime been through a life of crime
been in the wrong place at the right time,
left good friends of mine behind
now good friends of mine have been doing jailtime
since Melle Melle was singin white lines… Go figure
do the math but dont ask me no questions
i saved the best for last as i manifest the lesson
whats the moral to the story?
The moral is…there isnt
that’s just how it is…..just how it is
[lessons i’ve learned in turn upon turn
the truth is like fire and fire burns
naked eyes cant percieve all the webs that are weaved
sweet lies are concieved to trap the nieve] as we twist through

the mist…………silver fox