via WYDU, who also had a chance to interview Luke Sick and DJ Eons One recently.

Grand Invincible – The Way We Revolt

DJ Eons One: It’s more in keeping the techniques rather than a specific sound. The art of cut n’ paste and making something out of something else in hip hop is dying. Kids today can buy a machine designed to make “beats”. They are overwhelmed with sound choices, virtual tracks, fx, etc. You don’t have to understand BPM’s or have any DJ skills. You can drop 2 completely wrong loops into a program like Ableton Live and it FIXES IT FOR YOU. If I walked into Cue’s (old Bay Area record spot) with a magic box and said “This machine will mix any 4 records together perfectly” I would have been heckled out of the store. It’s not DJing.

Look at how hip hop transitioned from the live original performance to wax: it went from cutting doubles of records to live bands trying to emulate Grandmaster Flash’s routines. It wasn’t right. Not until cats like Paul C and Marley Marl really started bugging out with sampling records did it start to come back around to that original sound. That, to me, is real hip hop.