A compliation put together by Guy @ Illcuts. We received a link to this earlier today and the assumption was made that we weren’t fans of Andre Nickatina, which is far from the truth. Nice collection of songs here but where’s Crack Raider Razor?

Download: Andre Nickatina- Ghost of Fillmoe / Compilation

1. Ghost Of Fillmoe
2. Ate Miles From The City Of Dope
3. Falcon And Snowman (Feat. Equipto)
4. Killa Whale
5. Fears Of A Coke Lord
6. Bakin Soda In Minnesota
7. Fly Like A Bird
8. All Star Chuck Taylors
9. My Rap World
10. Coka Cola
11. Summer In Florida
12. Al Capone Suite
13. Y-U-Smilin
14. Cadillac Girl
15. Jungle
16. I’m A Pisces
17. Daiquiri Factory
18. Bobby Shaw Is My Tiga