Qwel & Maker - So Be It

Non-album bonus track off the final installment in Qwel’s 4 Seasons / 4 Horsemen series. The new album “So Be It” is produced by Maker and drops on the first of September. Is it too much to ask for a vinyl release? link

Download Welcome To Chicago by Qwel + Maker (.mp3)

Qwel & Maker reunite for the highly anticipated and long overdue “So Be It” on Galapagos4. The album’s grimy soundscape and hard hitting drums make it the perfect ending for Qwel’s four seasons project, which began with Qwel & Maker’s 2004 classic, “The Harvest”.

Maker’s production on “So Be It” masterfully captures both the blazing and sometimes overwhelming hear of the summer and the cool relief of a summer night. The hypnotizing beats provide for a roller coaster of emotions and wide range of topics while staying true to a much larger overall theme.

Whether pondering hope and love or drug addictions and authority, Qwel amazingly accentuates the provided backdrop with flows ranging from rapid fire to melancholy and hazy.

Those expecting the fluff and filler so prevalent in modern hip hop will surely sit in disappointment. So be it.

Track list:
1. Dawn
2. Gnosticism
3. Back Stage Pass
4. Friend Or Foe
5. Har Megiddo
6. Interlude – Meditation
7. Berzerker
8. White Elephant
9. Fear As A Weapon
10. No Joke
11. Lunch Money
12. Interlude – So Be It
13. Paper Dolls
14. Golden Era