Seems like HVW8 took Red to the studio. So now, with a little help from Stonesthrow, there’s an official video, remixes and vinyl release. Here’s the 7inch description, but wtf is “Hobo Street”?

Original Version b/w Dam-Funk Remix, released by Stones Throw and HVW8. The song “I Should Tell Ya Momma on You” was originally recorded behind the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in December 2008. This raw video was posted on YouTube and became an instant online phenomenon. Equal parts G-funk, California Soul and Hobo Street, the song features full musical accompaniment created only by Red. The natural funk and flow struck a chord with an international audience representing a true Cali sound. In this era of T-Pain and excess studio production, the video showcased an almost forgotten musical form with no auto-tune or talk-box, only the beating of his chest and the hum of his throat as a bass kick and snare, and highlighted by signature vocals and original rhymes, this was Red – The Man Without The Machine. Stones Throw’s resident funk maestro Dam-Funk remixed the track into a West Coast funk classic.

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