TJ Swan ‘And You Know That’ (Express 1979)

Youtube user gretsy1 has taken the time out to share a tremendous collection of rap and electro records from the 80s. Neatly ripped, labels included, for our listening pleasure. Visit Gretsy’s Rap & Electro Library.

I’m a 35 year old lifelong b-boy and collector of electro and rap music as well as other obscure genres of music such as Ethiopian jazz 45’s. I decided to share some of my favourites from my collection on here as in my opinion, there are so many dope rap and electro records made in the 80’s which had been forgotten until recently (hats off to you Freddy Fresh). Most of the b-boy enthusiasts of this era are decent people, enthusiastic about sharing info on new finds, trading records and promoting their favourite period of music so others can discover. Unfortunately a small few who share the knowledge are convinced it should remain a members only club, kept only to themselves, shrouded in mystery. These guys suck. These guys get upset about people using their label scans and when someone knows of a record they thought only they knew about. Sharing music is one of the great enjoyments in life and this music is FUN. At times it’s innocent, it’s moving, it can be though-provoking and loaded with hope. It’s life-affirming, funky and totally dope. Yeah, for sure much of it is corny (this was the 1980’s don’t forget) but it’s great, great music and in my opinion it should be heard by as many people as possible. All these rips are mine and have not been edited so you’ll have to live with any hiss, crackle or pop if you want to listen to any. Peace.