Deeskee - Audiobiograffitti

Not sure how I haven’t heard about this until now but Deeskee just released the follow-up to his debut album “Blacklight Sessions” on iTunes. I first heard about the ridiculous lineup a few years ago but it seemed to be one of those mythical albums that might never see the light of day. Glad I was wrong. The only thing stopping me from pressing the buy button is whether or not it’s available on vinyl or CD. Thanks for the info Lauren!

01. Radiate feat. Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Key Kool of The Visionaries & Matre cuts by LD
02. Combustible Compounds feat. Fatlip (formerly of The Pharcyde), P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship, Scarub of The Living Legends & Volume 10
03. Indymand feat. LMNO of The Visionaries, 2mex of The Visionaries & Liferexall of The Shapeshifters
04. West Coast Business feat. Maleko of JKC & Z-Man of One Block Radius
05. Relative Work feat. Premonition, Nocando, Subtitle & Joe Dub cuts by WD4D
06. Wontwenny feat. Radioinactive of The Shapeshifters & Busdriver
07. Daydreaming feat. Existereo of The Shapeshifters, Xololanxinxo & Rozzi Daime background vocals by Talia Mays Keyboards by Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta and Look Daggers
08. Eye Thingk feat. P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship & Awol One of The Shapeshifters cuts by Tha Goonie
09. Hip Hop Legends feat. Ellay Khule & Murs of The Living Legends
10. Look Out! feat. Rakaa Iriscience Of Dilated Peoples & K984 of C2D
11. Metronome Click feat. 2mex of The Visionaries, Lord Zen of The Visionaries, Liferexall of The Shapeshifters, Brother J of X Clan & Sach of The Nonce
12. False Hope feat. Barfly, Existereo of The Shapeshifters & Fatlip (formerly of The Pharcyde)
13. Life Like (Graffiti On The Wall) feat. Akuma of The Shapeshifters, Dannu of The Visionaries, Awol One of The Shapeshifters, background vocals by 2mex, Medusa & Bleek
14. Motel Six feat. Qwel Of Typical Cats, Bishop I, Sleep & Mestizo
15. Mad World feat. Neila, Isaiah & Die Del Amor of The Shapeshifters and The Returners
16. Space Needle feat. Existereo of The Shapeshifters, Gel Roc, Longevity of Darkleaf & 2mex of The Visionaries cuts by Roach the DJ
17. How Many MCs ’09 (BONUS TRACK) feat. Joe Dub, Subtitle, Premonition, Doc Lewd, Maleko, Metfly, Existereo, Akuma, Liferexall, Awol One, Tommy V, Neila, EVS, Raj, Spaceranger, Die Del Amor, Thesis Sahib, , Nocando, Topic, Matre, Ceschi & Xololanxinxo