Redman says he’s 45 years old. I wish somebody would ask Busta Rhymes if he remembers meeting Freestyle Fellowship and if its true that the Leaders and Mikah 9 and them were eating mushrooms and were out on Long Island somewhere freestyling about bugs and shit, as noted in Mikah 9’s liner notes for his Timetable CD (put together by Daddy Kev). I wonder if Mr. Funky from Lord of the Underground will hear this and do a Method Man dis freestyle over the Release Yo Delf beat. Method Man was a lacrosse player in Hempstead before he was a rapper from Staten Island. Should I be more unsurprised that the name Sir Ibu (Holy War) didn’t ring a bell to Epstein or that most of Method Man’s favorite rappers were from Long Island? Somehow this interview wasn’t complete because nobody was asked about knowing Craig Mack. via