Here it is, the start of LaBeouf’s career as director? The antithesis of Ashless Rothschild? The melding of marketing and artistic creativity? The further assault of DefJux? Is this white rap? Will this be rejected by the hip-hop blogging superheroes? How many times will Eminem be mentioned in reviews? Will I be keeping my Agent Orange 12inch when I move in July? If you make a joke about Cage’s tight pants, aren’t you really late now? If LaBeouf wasn’t a famous movie persona, would this have gotten the same attention? If it wasn’t so early in the morning would I be writing all these questions? But why is this coming out now around the same time as Eminem? Oh shit, illuminati is out for hip-hop? A triple wave covert war on rap? First Ashless for the kids who don’t know better, then Slim for the traditionalists, and now this? Damn, they nice with theirs.