In-depth interview with Noz conducted by Dominick Brady of Analogue Atlanta. Discussion on modern hip-hop purists, 4 elements and the profundity (& future) of hip-hop blogging. Blog archives killing your digger drive too?

Analouge Atlanta Interviews Noz

…And in Extra Analogue we’ll talk with Andrew Noz. A contributor at NPR , Scratch Magazine & The Fader about his blog ,about his approach to blogging, his work, and his inclusive approach to Hip Hop history. We talk about how Hip Hop developed Nationally during the 80’s and 90’s and compare it to the growth of Hip Hop’s sound in the Northeastern

As an aside, when Noz touches on “hitting a wall” with posting recorded music which was once considered rare, he begins to discuss how he’s hoping to focus more on research oriented interviews. Coincidentally, earlier today we came across a mini-doc (by CBS News’ Fast Draw) which explores the history of newspapers and compares it with the development of the blogosphere. Fascinating to see how the newspaper industry evolved from pamphleteers (read: bloggers). Not surprisingly, the path of many voices is once again becoming accessible in accordance to today’s technological advancements. What Noz is doing would be a prime example of how it’s already evolving. So yeah, don’t believe the hype (which you might come across if you’ve been following the senate hearings) that the fall of national and multi-national corporate media conglomerates will be the beginning of the end of critical analysis and professionalism. As if corporations (and advertisers) are a necessary component for intelligent discourse.