Silent In Truth is out now on European label Project Mooncircle

Project Mooncircle – Silent In Truth / sampler

This compilation brings together many different artists from across the globe that are here to get heard and make a predication through their music. Tracks like “Barn Burning” from Mat Young (Bully Rec.), “Brava” from Paten Locke (Therapy) and “Why’d You Lie” from John Robinson (Lil’ Sci) are more like statements from the mind. Mr Cooper brings a new track in the style of his recent album “What Else There Is”… Carlo (Bully Rec.) contributes “Trapped In The Attic”, 40 Winks give “At The Lunar Bar (Live)” and Simon of Jahbitat brings the organic sound from the canopy of the Barcelona night with “Timber (An Ode To Trees Gone)”. Political lyrics & real Hip Hop come from Miami with the group Intifada… Other artists include MF Doom, Aether, Inner Science, The Q4 with Arts The Beat Doctor and many more. All tracks are exclusive… This is the sound of Project Mooncircle for 2009. Speak with your mind, think with your soul & change with your heart! We aim to stop the destructive elements of the music business and bring music back to the people.

Artists: Inner Science, Escher, Therapy, Carlo, Mat Young, Jahbitat, John Robinson aka Lil’ Sci, MF Doom, Aether, 40 Winks, Mr Cooper, Dday One, The Q4, Glen Porter, Lambent, Intifada, Mathematik & more… Artwork By Gordon of Beta Bodega Coalition Europe for Project: MoonCircle.
Letterings By La Mano Fria of Beta Bodega Coalition.