Dollabin - Styles You Can't Afford

New album from the duo of DJ Ian Head and Verbal Math aka Dollabin.

Download Dollabin – Styles You Can’t Afford LP

The dedicated record-digging duo of DJ Ian Head and emcee Verbal Math, aka Dollabin, are pleased to present their latest release: Styles You Can’t Afford, a full-length player digitally available at The album is a dedicated cheap price tags, mom and pop record stores, thumbing through crates, flea markets and just a love of old wax. DJ Ian Head has dug through hundreds of bins to construct a beat framework of loops, chops and old static, while Verbal Math takes you into the mind of not just a hip-hop or record head, but a true music lover. Basically, insightful rhymes and crunchy beats.

01. Intro
02. Welcome
03. Get There
04. The Groove
05. Hipster Interlude
06. Dreamz ft. Gabriel Teodros
07. The Drummer
08. It’s the Dolla
09. Motion
10. Interlude
11. Every Record
12. City 2 City
13. Bullshit
14. Styles You Can’t Afford ft. Toni Hill
15. Pragmatic (Bonus)