“How much do you love me girl? I love you more than anything, I love you more than money!”

Apparently Dj PRZM had a way with women. A way of appreciating and capturing their erotic capital on video. I wonder if girls at indie hip-hop shows fully appreciate their disproportionate level of influence? Kind of like that cliche scene where a pretty girl walks into a comic book store. Track produced, written and performed by PRZM. All the footage captured by PRZM. Edited down by Brue Lei and Kizms.

Bru Lei says:

Through 2000-2005 Dj Przm toured the country, rocked shows, filmed girls, and this video was made with footage from his archives.

Wes Flexner of donewaiting.com says:

Przm always carried his handycam around. And pretty much he only taped girls. Bru Lei gave me a dvd-r of some of Przm’s footie last year. It was funny because there would be like 34 seconds of performances, and then immeadelty the camera would switch to girls backsides. It wouldn’t even be like attractive girls. But I mean..Shit was funny cause you could P’s thought process like “this rapper.he sucks….WHO IS SHE? Yeah, I see you girl.”

Anyway, Bru edited down some of Przm’s tapes and made the above video. And to Przm’s credit. It’s a video full of ugly white girls.