I got Bru Lei’s most recent EP Shroom Crumbs in the mail the other day, produced entirely by the late Dj PRZM. That release is full of bangers (including this Jean Grae track). Didn’t want to post unapproved songs from that so here’s an older freestyle from Bru where he’s ridin a well known J-Zone beat. He’s got that flow. Peace to Ohio.

Paint Louis is longer then a mile long, it’s a wall covered in graf. I consider it to be a one of the Wonders of Hip-Hop, this video could never capture it’s true essence, and no video could without being over 12 minute’s long… so how he do it? and how’s he make it seem so simple? well when you can freestyle in the studio and u don’t have to sit and write rhymes, it might not be as technical, but as long as you do what you do, consider it done! no pencil, no pen, no markers, straight off the tippy!
recorded in 2004 on the SuperMuthaFuckin Bru ep! beat jacked from J-Zone