The Grouch & Eligh – “All In” ft. Pigeon John, Gift Of Gab

I’ve decided to try real hard to fall in line with this recent positivity rap subculture thing that continues to cling to my senses, no matter how often I try to deodorize it with old tapes. Along with demystifying my childhood rap heroes my time spent in between fail whales has also provided access to what feels like a gushing remixed 70s hippie love scene, what with all the motivational verbiage and neo-soul searchin that I come across in the digital artist network parties that spontaneously twitrupt. I’d point out specific artists and their caretakers but I’m too scared of their scorn and their potentially pointing out my unnecessary cynicism.

But I really wonder, could it be that with age & experience comes perspective and optimism? Or is it that a little appearance of success breeds rationalization? Or am I hungry? I just don’t have the answers to these things people. But I do hope (not really, but really) that my sensitivity to this peace & love crap is just me trying real hard to hold on to a dear close friend of mine whose name a dipset rapper would rhyme with skepticism. Cause if that’s all it is then there could be a possibility that my friend will move to a new neighborhood and I won’t hear from him as often. Maybe I’ll wake up one day regurgitating self-indoctrinated self-motivational mantras like @UncleRush and @RevRunWisdom (ok, so I revealed two culprits out of hundreds, whateva).

Well, if there are cats out there that can make me seriously consider seeing rainbows, G&E are them. This track almost has me skipping to work.

“No need for packing a biscuit, I want more laughing and giggling” – Eligh The Grouch