A little over a year ago Ming posted about a Serengeti album on Anticon but it turned out to be a joke. This time around I thought it was an elaborate April fools prank since the press release went out on April 1st, but apparently it’s legit. There already is an Alias remix to an older track (2 Time 2) available to stream over on their mysp*ce. The album is titled Terradactyl and is set to drop this June.

One of the album’s best follows: “Steroids,” featuring Adam “doseone” Drucker. In a Madvillain moment, Serengeti is run-on gritty in the third person, telling a surreal tale of escapism and mistrust, while Polyphonic’s all harmonica jazz-snap groove. As the music surges into crazy land, the erstwhile voice of Subtle and Themselves executes a decidedly buff verse. Next, “Patiently” finds Geti’s words blown out over big bass and digital bits, while on “Call the Law,” he manically skewers the black rap male stereotype. Geti trades lines about love with another legend, Buck 65, on the dank and dubby “La La Lala,” and “My Patriotism” continues the odd upbeat bent, where atop sampled squeeze-box and a live mandolin mimicking African highlife, Geti lays everyman verse: “Winners win and raise hip kids/ Poor people? Day-gigs for the rest of your life.”

Serengeti & Polyphonic
Street date: June 23, 2009
1. Bon Voyage
2. Playing in Subway Stations
3. Move!
4. My Negativity
5. Cleveland
6. Steroids
7. Patiently
8. Call The Law
9. La La Lala
10. My Patriotism
11. Dawn Under The Bridge
12. Calliope