Boston MC Insight (Y Society) has released a beat sequencer for the iPhone. There’s a demo video over @

After finishing up a new album last week, I started working on a drum sequencer for the iphone. Check out the link and let me know what you think.

BeatSequencer BoomBap is a drum sequencer for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It makes progamming a basic “90’s” style hip hop drum beat pattern quick and easy. BeatSequencer BoomBap is intended for anyone who want’s to make a drum pattern without having to learn a complicated tool or change pages. Open the app, press drum pads, record rhythms and make music.


* A total of 85 super punchy kick drums
* Crunchy snares, crispy hats & percussion sounds
* 16 step switches for editing sounds on a sequence
* Auto-quantizing so recorded hits always fall on time
* Save and load your sequences
* Record button to add sounds to a drum loop
* Eight drum kits, and ten pads
* Close the app and start where you left off
* Creating a pattern only takes a few seconds

What Makes This Sequencer Different:
I developed it.

Future updates:
Drum Kits by Damu The FudgeMonk, Count Bass D, Insight
Song Mode to organize sequencer

Here is also a puzzle application:

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