I always thought “Vagina Diner” was one of the more underrated albums. I’ve heard a bunch of these tracks before but still a great collection here. Link

01 – outta state (produced by large professor)
02 – the bomb (produced by large professor)
03 – checkmate (produced by large professor)
04 – juan valdez (produced by dr. butcher)
05 – in the world original version (produced by large professor)
06 – stay wild (produced by hot day)
07 – yo (produced by buckwild)
08 – enter (produced by dr. butcher)
09 – freaky feat. c.j. moore (produced by c.j. moore)
10 – fly away (produced by dr. butcher)
11 – akafella (produced by c4)
12 – break a bitch neck original version feat. kool g rap (produced by large professor)
13 – loud hangover feat. sadat x (produced by funkmaster flex)
14 – the robbery song (produced by dr. butcher)
15 – get up (produced by sean james)
16 – skys the limit (produced by lord finesse)
17 – stay chisel and akinyele (live at the bbq pt. 2) feat. nas and large professor (produced by large professor)
18 – ak-nel the great (produced by j-zone)
19 – hip hop on wax remix feat. large professor and rob swift (produced by rob swift and dr. butcher)
20 – muted cartoons (produced by dj yoda and mike romeo)
21 – break a bitch neck remix feat. kool g rap
22 – stay strapped (aids) feat. kool g rap mf grimm big chuck and c.j. moore (produced by dr. butcher)
23 – in the world (produced by dj enuff and jiv pos)