This promo is probably NSFW as it is full of gory imagery taken from horror movies and horrific real life events. Also, the political leanings of the creator are inescapable. If you are a Bush sympathizer, this is likely not your cup of tea. Lots of interlacing and juxtaposition for the editing fans (100+ hrs of video editing) and of course hard drums for listeners like myself (I’m easy to please). No rhymes here but you can check previous posts for that. And here’s some trivia, the weather man in this video is the brother of the infamous Peter Skilling who helped bring down the US company Enron and caused millions of people to lose their entire life savings.

This is a Lurk On Film project being led by our friend from the UK, Trailer Trasher (fka Lewis Films). The final release will feature rhymes from Roughneck The Jihad of Third Sight and Matt Gamin of Lurk Music.