This is one of two covers – Sly Stone/Jimmy Cliff

Wax Poetics Issue 32

Issue 32 offers a rare and insightful look at funk visionary Sylvester Stewart, better known as Sly Stone. We also follow reggae pioneer Jimmy Cliff through a long and textured career which spanned five decades and encompassed several milestones in the music and movie mediums.
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Sly Stone
“I don’t read much of what anybody writes about me, but I know that it’s mostly secondhand stuff that looks like it’s supposed to be firsthand. I don’t know nobody, and nobody knows me, and they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Jimmy Cliff
At last, Jimmy Cliff was off and running, with hit singles at the top of the Jamaican charts. The mode was ska, and the music forceful and bright.

Ahmad Jamal
In 1958, a Pittsburgh-born pianist named Ahmad Jamal recorded a show tune entitled “Poinciana” at a venue called the Pershing Lounge. His elegant pianisms transformed that song into something rare for the jazz world—a hit record.