I missed this a few weeks ago.

Baba Israel live at the Hip Hop Theater Festival

Boom Bap Meditations follows the journey of Baba Israel from his native New York to his mothers homeland of Australia. Watch this White boy discover Hip Hop, earn his stripes as a street performer, Hip Hop artist and arts educator.

He physically morphs from character to character; lesbian emcees to stoned college Hip Hop fans, Aussie Hip Hoppers to beatboxing senior citizens.

Baba confronts a history of White appropriation of Black music and culture while celebrating the tangible connections music makes across thecolor line.

Boom Bap meditations directed by Morganics was developed as part of the Critical Breaks series
and premiered to a sold out crowd at the Hip Hop Theater Festival in New York. It has toured in excerpt in
the United States to New World Theater, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, UC-Riverside, and the Hip Hop
Theater festival in DC and internationally to Contact Theatre and Albany Theatre (UK), Pantheon (Czech
Republic), and Podium Mozaiek (Amsterdam).