I actually can’t determine if I like this or not, yet I’ve already listened to it 10 times which is more than other songs I think I like. I feel manipulated.

Radiohead – Reckoner (diplo remix)

before I went to australia i was asked to remix reckoner.. so I was goin back and forth with the band on a version and was almost done.. but it got leaked as a demo.. no big deal.. i still got votes up on the radiohead thing as an official mix
i eventually mixed it down (thanks to ninas stereo speakers .. and switch for some help).. (big australia post comin up inna minute too)

so I got that to the label but kept workin on the mix.. eventually i came up up with something else even.. i really like it too, a lil more clubworked in the end.. the originaly idea was to make the biggest drum break of all TIME! but then it got scarey.. so here is the tame kangaroo version.. also theres a very nice picture of me throwin up gang signs behind thom york.