Couldn’t find an official statement so we are left with rumours for now. About a year ago the show moved to a 1am time slot, which drove initial discussions about the show’s demise. Now October 26th, 2008 is being thrown around as it’s last day. If true, it would mark the end of an era for BET, but not so much for artists. If TV is still your thang, you can continue to watch Ralph McDaniel’s VideoMusicBox on public NYCTV, saturday nights at midnight. If you’re not near NYC but have cable, you should try FlowTV and other growing niche ondemand channels that focus on hip-hop. But the likely truth is that youtube and it’s copycats have effectively replaced BET as our main content platform (for videos anyway). My humble suggestion to Viacom – do not just dead the Rap City name, do not just suddenly end the show without providing the audience with an explanation. There is still value there. Keep the name alive. Make the back content available. Sell it, put it online, do something with it, don’t just lock it away in temperature controlled vaults. You will be congratulated if you handle it right, this could be an opportunity to reconnect. via tss