I agree with Mr. Splash. I hate when people say that hip hop has seen its best days. I don’t hear it on the radio either but I do hear (new) hip hop that f*cks up my mind still. via Remix Magazine, also check out the Roots feature.

“With all the advancements in technology, what is very important for people to realize is that it’s not the gear; the gear is only one-tenth of it. It’s your vibe using that gear,” he says. “Don’t be scared to go back to that SP-1200 or the actual 808, or your MPC60 or your MPC2000 or any of your old cheap keyboards. Sometimes it’s the feeling more than how great and clean you can make it sound.”

“People have this tendency to look down on how amazing hip-hop is,” Splash says. “There’s this annoying trend where people like to say hip-hop’s seen its best days. But I don’t feel that way. I don’t hear it on the radio, but I’m always hearing stuff coming from the energy of hip-hop, and it’s still fucking my mind up just like it always has.”

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