With Prodigy only weeks away from beginning his sentence, he decided to throw a going away party, complete with what seemed to be all of Queensbridge on stage. Although the show was put together only a few weeks earlier and there was little to no promotion behind it, the turnout was pretty good. The host for the night was DJ Mister Cee, who kept cracking hilarious jokes about the crowd all night. Not content with some of the audience standing in the back and on the sides, he proceeded to single out anyone who wouldn’t move up to the front of the stage. “Yeah, you Merrill Lynch nig*as, I see you. After you finish that last chicken wing, get your a** up here!” “People in the back, move up! I know there are a lot of black people up here but it’s ok! Don’t worry!” Trust me, it was funnier in person.

Before I talk a little about the show, let me first say the bill had Prodigy and special guests scheduled to perform. Only when I arrived at the venue did I realize it was a Mobb Deep show. Having seen them headline an event several years ago, I was pretty excited. As usual, I got there way too early. The show was scheduled to start at 9pm but didn’t really get going until about an hour or two later. When P and Havoc finally came out on stage, everyone cheered and roared. They also brought along their crew of about fifty people. Most I didn’t recognize, some I did like Cormega, Big Noyd, Infamous Mobb, etc. Noticeably absent on stage was anyone from G-Unit but maybe they were in the back or something. Although the duo only did like three joints off The Infamous and Hell On Earth (Shook Ones Pt. II, Give Up The Goods, etc.), I can’t really complain because the show was still off the hook. With guest verses by Cormega, Big Noyd and Twin Gambino throughout the night, P eventually went into a good amount of material off his upcoming album HNIC 2. Peep that when it drops!

As usual, I recorded most of the show. However, I might be distributing these videos differently i.e. not on our yout*be channel. So look out for that soon!

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