Workin It 12inch

New Del 12inch for Workin’ It now available. B-side features a second track called Foot Down plus a Blockhead remix. Of course this has already been ripped and posted online. But I won’t tell you where. As a matter of fact, I’m starting to reach my tipping point with these sissy mp3 blogs that blatantly bootleg tons of material and think it’s cool because they put a disclaimer on the sidebar that includes some sort of “promotional only” bullsh*t. Big difference between throwing up a single every now and then and just straight up jacking entire releases. But who am I to judge. Ultimately this is what brought the big labels to their knees so I do see the contribution these sheisters have made. But it just gets a bit under my skin when they run rampant with indie releases. They end up suffering the most. I guess what doesn’t kill ya, right?

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