Wu-Tang Clan

Just got back a few hours ago from another great Wu-Tang Clan show. Don’t have much to say except Method Man is arguably the most energetic live performer I’ve ever seen. Greg Nice is up there. So is KRS-One. But Meth is definitely a top live act and if he’s in your town, be sure to check him out! Also, one of the most random guest appearances happened tonight. Yeah, even more random than Ice-T showing up at a KRS-One show. When the night was coming to a close, Raekwon started talking about how whenever Wu performs, the celebrities are always out in full effect and tonight was no exception. So who does he introduce to the crowd? Motherf*ckin Puff Daddy (I know he goes by P. Diddy now but I don’t care). Not only did Puff come out and support but he also threw up the Wu sign for all to see. That’s dope.

I couldn’t record many videos since I was right in front and heads behind me went bananas throughout the whole night. Basically, being a small Asian guy, I didn’t have the physical dexterity to take stable video so I switched to camera mode and took a sh*t load of pictures. The videos I did manage to get were very short so be sure to check back soon for those. And visit grandgoodtube in the meantime for past show footage.

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