Dday One (Thank You Set)

Here’s a set Dday One put together for the French “Thank You” radio program. Features a few exclusives and a nice tracklist. Link (via)

Dday One (Content Label / Subversiv/Project MoonCircle)
Location: Mid City Los Angeles, CA
Thank You Radio Show (France) – September 2007

Open Invitation to Listen
Joe Beats – Ghetto Celeb Samba
Thes One – Target
Gang Starr – Questions Remains
Ohno – Move (Inst)
Mr.Copper – Time (Inst)
2Tall – Garden Child**(Exclusive)
Kurious George – I’m Kurious
Dj Duct – Snarl Beats
Shabba Ranks W/KRS One – The Jam (Inst)
Dj Krush – A Whim
Big Shug – Crush
Sixtoo –Jackals and vipers in envy of man, pt. 2
Elephant Beach – Director’s cut
Take – Next
Biz Markie – Nobody Beats the Biz
Dj Seen – 4D
Big City – Disgustin
DdayOne – Constant Information (Exclusive)
London Funk Allstars -Knee Deep in the Beats
Inner Science – Thing** (Exclusive)
Common – The Game
Dilated Peoples – Triple Optics (Inst)
Dextah – I Can’t Dischord** (Exclusive)
Block Barley – White Horse** (Exclusive)
Antti_Szurawitizki- Tundra (feat. Pijall)
Syrius – Kiáltás méhében