GRANDGOOD friend Steinski talks about his upcoming release on Illegal Art. The comp will feature his lessons series and other remixes/collages, this time with real liner notes and cover art. You can down this digital ep sampler which features Steinski’s “Voice Mail”. Visit him at or subscribe to his recently fixed rss feed. via Earplug

Earplug: How does it feel to finally have all your material collected in one place?

Steinski: I’m glad it’s coming out. The Ultimate Lessons [a previously released bootleg] used brilliant marketing. The label told people they were paying us and they weren’t. If I ever meet the people responsible, I’ll push them in front of a bus. This Illegal Art release is a chance for me to get my stuff out there with real liner notes and artwork. I still have only received that $50 check for winning the Lessons contest. But what has happened since is a lot more important than money. Not everyone gets a chance to do something or make something that other people respect.