Prodigy lets his fans know first hand what happened on the night he got got by the police via his blog. He also goes into all the work he has already put in for HNIC2. About 20 days left before he goes in. Free P. Link [update: Eskay with 3 exclusive joints from the album!]

what up my people, thanks for signing up and supporting ya G. On oct.27th 2007 me and a bunch a my dudes took alchemist out for his birthday. we went to this club in manhattan where (shareefa) an r&b artist on D.T.P. was having an album release party. when we got to the front door they told us we had to buy 5 bottles for $1,600 in order to get in the party. while they were telling us that bullshit, i looked over to my left and noticed the hip-hop task force standing in the street staring at me. i noticed a couple of them cause they arrested me before and told me i should get used to seeing them cause they had been assigned to MOBB DEEP / G-UNIT. Anyway, after we were finish laughing at the door people for trying to charge us $1,600 we walked back to our cars and drove back to alchemist crib. we were 3 cars deep. my bulletproof suburban was in the front, my lil’ cousin JM’s drop top benz was behind me, and GODFATHER plus his team was behind us in a hummer. While we were driving, my lil’ cousin JM called me and said that the D’s just pulled him over so i told him to hit me back when they let him go. Meanwhile the rest of us stopped to get some food while we waited for him. 20min later JM never called back, so i called him. He said he was all good and they let him go so i told him to meet us at alchemist crib. Godfather and his peeps decided to leave, so now its just me and alchemist. When i got to alchemist block i did an illegal u-turn so i could catch a parking spot not knowing that the hip-hop task force was following me the whole time in a yellow N.Y.C. taxi cab. (the 6y cab) The D’s jumped out and told me to roll down the windows, i told them the truck was bulletproof and the windows dont roll down, so they opened my door.

they told us to step out and began searching us. thats when 2 more un-marked police car’s pulled up and just watched. Then the 2 dicks that pulled me and al started searching my truck without asking wich is called ILLEGAL SEARCH. Right about this time my lil’ cousin JM pulled up in his benz, parked and then he walked over to where the D’s had us. JM looked over at me a said that the un-marked car across the street was the car that just pulled him over 20min earlier. Thats when i realized that they pulled my lil’ cousin car over first cause they thought i was in that car. JM had the flashy rapper looking car, a drop top benz with tinted windows and chrome wheels. Really no surprise the pricks and dicks is grimey as fuck, but when i was in my cell later that night i saw the true devil come out these niggas. All night they tried to get me to set up 50 CENT, they wanted me to plant guns in his car, plant drugs, or arrange a buy&bust. I was shocked how many times they tried and how many different detectives and ATF agents they tried to send at me. It was crazy. Then to top it all off, the same arresting detectives from the 6y cab got on the stand in my trial and lied to the Grand Jury saying that they saw me put a gun in the console box of my truck. THIS NEVER HAPPENED….STRAIGHT LIE That ruined my illegal search case. The D.A. in my case name is ZELETTA that lil’ bitch boy was gonna play all my videos for the Grand Jury and paint a picture for them that woulda made me look like i was criminaly insane and a menace to society. i had to cop out to a 3 1/2 year sentence other wise i would have lost and got 15 years. I been threw alot of cases, Murder cases, Guns, Grand Theift, ect. I got away with so many crimes it’s incredible. so me doing 3 1/2 aint shit compared to what i deserve. my time begins on JAN.9th so as i write this blog i got lil’ over 20 days left on the street. i’m out here working hard as hell yo!!, i shot a video for every song on HNIC2 and also im shooting a reality show, all of wich will be on the FREE P DVD that come for free with my HNIC2 album. well thats all for now just had to get that out. i’m gonna be typing another blog about HNIC2 later tonight breaking down all the topics i’m touching on this time around. This is definitly gonna be a world changing revolutionary album. YA BOY P ON HIS SHIT RIGHT NOW check you later PRODIGYhnic2