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Shock G’s Top Ten Most Memorable Moments In Hip-Hop
1. First Time I ever heard “Super-Sperm” scratched and backspinned in 1978 on an underground tape by DJ Prince, a hardly-known basement dj from Queens Village.
2. Hearing about the huge line at Downstairs Records in 42nd St. Station the day “King Tim the Third” came out.
3. Six-months after moving to Florida, and not hearing hip-hop since N.Y., hearing “Rapper’s Delight” for the first time on a major Tampa Bay F.M. radio station.
4. The moment the cassette door opened and L.L. appeared out of a giant 20ft. radio at one of the huge hip-hop tour/extravaganzas of the 80’s.
5. Hearing EPMD and “You’re a Customer” for the first time out of a strangers car at a gas station in Oakland.
6. The phone call in 1988 when our manager told us “Your Life’s a Cartoon” (d.u.’s first 12 inch single) was no. 1 in Amsterdam.
7. The phone call in ’89 when he told us Tommy Boy Music was interested in us. (Shock: “Could you hold on a minute please?,” Drops phone… Whole group: “OOHHHH-SHITTTT!!!!”
8. The adrenaline I felt, laughing at myself in a Berkley California joke store while looking in the mirror with the Humpty-Nose on for the first time, instantly realizing the possibilities.
9. My first step on a real stage opening for the D.O.C. with Third Base in St. Louis, 1989.
10. Hearing Pac pronounced dead over the radio in my car.