HipHopIsRead hooks us up with audio and a bit of transcription of Rza’s appearance on the Wake Up Show. Some good q&a and some snippets of 8 Diagrams we haven’t heard yet. You know I have to say it, I have to: Bong Bong! Link

Classic RZA moments/facts of the night [Part II]:
Tech: Who’s doper: Pete Rock, Large Professor, Dr. Dre or Premo on the SP or the MPC?
RZA: …I think Premo been the master of those machines right there, y’knah’mean?
Tech: The Iraq War: Was it a good thing or a bad thing? What the hell’s gonna happen?
RZA: That was a bad thing, yo. Y’knah’mean? It’s a bad thing, first of all, because you’ve got people over there being oppressed y’knah’mean? People over there going through struggles. People from over here going over there dying. Young people, y’knah’mean? The people that could be doctors, ministers, nurses and scientists are over there being shot, killed, at 2, 5, 10 a day some time. The murder rate is like… It’s like the worst ghetto in the world is in Iraq right there, and that’s the Holy Land right there.
Tech: Who has a better booty? J.Lo or Beyonce?
Tech: Who is the better actor: Russell Crow or Denzel?
RZA: Ooh, that’s a tough one right there. I’ll just say two masters, man, they’re two masters at their craft.
Tech: Ya gotta say one, that’s what I’m sayin’…
RZA: Ay! Ay! Bong bong, baga doggle doggle woggle!
[Ivan: WTF!?!?!?!?]
???: Why do Mexicans love you so much? What car in L.A. with a Mexican doesn’t have a Wu-Tang bumper sticker?
RZA: I think there’s love both ways. We love them too, yo! The Mexicans [are] our peoples yo, it’s our brothers. It’s just the white man got us twisted over here thinking we’re all enemies. We’re brothers