Busdriver and his crew will make their way to your home and perform if you win their mixtape contest. (via)

“Busdriver’s Mix Tape Contest

Are you a self-proclaimed pundit of overlooked music with taste that would stiffle any college radio DJ? Well then, prove it to me. As if you need an excuse to gush over your Wesley Willis collection and assume your Dr. Demento-esque alter ego. I insist that light be shed upon your unmanicured, vinyl probing fingers. And to satisfy such a feat it feels only just to reintroduce the true forum for music geekery: mix tapes.

NO, not the latest Lil’Wayne and/or Clipse bootleg CD that you have misplaced under the passenger seat of your Prius, an actual audio tape with music magically crammed into it. Simply put, I’m asking one thing of all of you: make the best mix tape that I’ve ever come across. You have the vinyl, cd and tape collection to do it, wield the power and wow us all. So, without further adieu, here are the guidelines to the contest.

Rules of Engagement:

– Your mix must be presented on an audio tape, that’s kind of the point.
– The mix must be done by the person(or persons) who presents it.
– No DJ mixing software should be used to execute your mix.
– You are only able to submit one tape, once.

What you will be judged on:

– Content: Your song selection and merit of your choices. Whether the songs are rare, from out of print records, random, timely, etc.
– Cohesion: The pace and continuity of your mix. If you begin with a theme, stick to it.
– Packaging: How you dress up your J-card and actual tape. Whether you insert a graffiti piece in sharpie, a picture of you dressed as a Subway sandwich, it all contributes to the aesthetic value of your mix tape.


– October 26th through December 1st


– We will be touring the whole of the United States during this period, which will enable any show attendee to personally drop a tape off with us in our submission box at the merchandising table.

– Or feel free to mail the tape to:
Mixtape Contest/Busdriver@Epitaph
2798 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Winning and prizes:

Only one tape will triumphantly sail over the finish line. This one winner will be announced via on-line outlets that support the contest, plus will receive the ultimate prize/punishment…

An in-house performance by Busdriver.
This means that Busdriver and co will flight, drive, canoe to where ever the winner lives in the United States and play a full show in their home(or a friend’s home of your choosing). The show will be announced and a small admission will be charged at the door.