The Ghostface Doll

You would think for a price of $499.99, the doll would at least look like Ghostface Killah. Plus, what’s up with the weird facial expression? I guess most of the developer’s time was spent on crazy accessories like the 14k gold chain and pendant. Link

TOP OF THE DOLL: The doll is adorned with Ghostface’s do-rag and Red Yankees fitted. The hat is poseable any which way you want, from Ghostface’s touch the sky with the bill or str8 up backwards like we all used to do.

EAGLE WRISTBAND: The wristband that has since been melted has been resurrected. Ghostface’s classic, “how did he carry that heavy thing?” eagle wristband, has been scaled down and recreated for his doll. It adorns a diamond in the front and is made with 14k gold.

CHAIN AND PENDANT: “Medallions the size of dinner plates.” Ghostface’s classic godly dinner plate has been recreated and scaled for his doll. Made with 14k gold, this chain and pendant is one of the flashiest pieces of jewelry you will ever see on a doll, or even a real life rapper.

ROBE AND SHOES: The Ghostface Doll rocks a classic Ghostdini robe that would be fit for a king. This robe shows you that Ghost was all about comfort. The doll is also wearing the Ghostface signature Wallabees. Ghostface single handedly made these shoes cool for everyone to wear, and helped give everyone an alternative to dress shoes. The doll also has one pant leg tucked into his shoe, in classic Ghost fashion.

AUDIO: Like A Wu Tang Magic Eight Ball: Built with a state of the art electronic voice unit the doll speaks originally recorded lines from the wally don himself. All it takes is the push of a button to hear some of the illest lines ghostface ever recorded.

Coming Soon: Ghostface Killah Doll