Killa Sha

Download The Coming Freestyle by Killa Sha

Killa Sha’s new album God Walk On Water does a great job of capturing that classic mid 90s (specifically Queens) sound without shoving that stamp down your throat. Disappointed with Havoc’s Kush album? Can’t get too into that Rugged Intellect or NYGz album? Hoping the new Jay-z album will sound good now that Puffy supposedly got the old Hitmen (hopefully this includes Carlos 6th of July) together for a few songs? Heard Nas’ new album is titled NIGGER and you’re hoping he comes through with proper production? Little Brother new album? Lupe Fiasco never bumped native tongues? (Dumb it Down is still the best big budget rap i’ve heard all year), Wu Tang Clan album dropping same day as new Ghostface?…….Forget about all that. Queensbridge representative Killa Sha (who was once the DJ in a group with Tragedy and Craig G) is dropping a great album, with great production from Large Professor, Ayatolla, DJ Rated R, and others. Our latest audiocast features songs from the new album. Release date is October 23rd.