Busdriver, Beans, Daedelus, Antimc [NYC / Nov 12 / 8pm]

Busdriver coming to town this November. Hopefully he won’t have the same problems traveling that he did in Canada recently. They wouldn’t let him enter the country on his way to Japan. All these heightened security measures at borders tend to make it that much tougher for artists touring. Reminds me of a story 2mex shared with us at his NYC show recently. Some nonsense about the feds grilling them like terrorists. Anyway, point is, show some love if you can when they reach your town. Try to wave your hands instead of snapping your fingers. You might even enjoy yourself. Link

10:00 Busdriver
9:00 Beans
8:30 Daedelus

Mon 11/12
$12 Tickets

Mercury Lounge
217 E. Houston St. (corner Ave A & Houston)
F train to 2nd Ave
J or M train to Essex St
M14 or M21 bus to Houston and Essex
212–260–4700 Hours: Mon–Sat, Noon–7 pm