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AllHipHop: The original “Top Billin’” how did it come together?

Milk Dee: I was actually working on a remix for one of Lyte’s songs, “Take It Light,” and I was just down there and I made the beat and I was putting her vocals to it. But then I got inspired to write something. I wrote and spit it and just recorded it and the next day I let Daddy-O and Giz hear it and they kind of let me know the heat, they was like “Yo, this is it right there.” I didn’t realize it. That’s basically how it came about. I was just playing around one night and did it, and Daddy-O and Giz let me know what it was.

AllHipHop: What equipment did you use to make “Top Billin’” and what are you using now?

Milk Dee: When I did “Top Billin’” I used a Boss foot pedal sampler. It only samples two seconds, you can’t save it, they use it a lot with guitars and whatever. I had one of those and I triggered the sample with a Roland-707 drum machine. I recorded it on Tascam 248 4-track. Now, I got everything [laughing]. I got two studios [in Staten Island] full of equipment. The main thing that I use is a MPC2500 and Logic.