Banksy on advertising

Some thoughts on advertising, by Banksy. via the newly invigorated Hip-Hop Ads.

From the post:

The daily grind tends to eat away at the best of us. It’s all too easy to lose perspective; we in the world of advertising and marketing buy and sell culture on such a regular basis… that we forget that we comprise the culture.

It always makes me whince when I hear of young professionals giving up DJing or MCing because of the daily grind. If only there were more hours in a day. No one should have to drop culture (hip hop and otherwise) in order to assimilate into Corporate America.

The above quote (among other things) inspired me to start blogging again, in spite of the sometimes-ridiculous hours I put into my ad agency job. Yes, I just suggested that blogging is an art form.

Blogging requires inspiration, dedication, and it’s all about self-expression. So why not?

Keep grinding.