DJ Andy Smith

Best known for being Portishead’s tour DJ, Andy Smith was responsible for the popular series of mixtapes entitled The Document, where he seamlessly blends tracks from the likes of Black Sheep, Black Sabbath, Kate Bush, Patti Drew and Tom Jones among others. He also put out one of my favorite mixes, made up entirely of Northern Soul tracks. He’s coming to North America soon so be sure to check him out if ya can. Link


10/03 West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy, 8:30pm
10/04 Vancouver, Canada @ Shine, 10pm
10/07 Alberta, Canada @ Maddhatters Liquid Lounge, 10pm
10/10 Calgary, Canada @ Hi Fi Club, 10pm
10/11 Chicago, IL @ Lava Lounge, 10pm
10/13 Toronto, Canada @ TBA, 10pm
10/15 Philadelphia, PA @ Fluid, 10pm
10/17 Winnipeg, Canada @ Pyramid Caberet, 10pm
10/18 Boston, MA @ Goodlife, 10pm
10/19 New York, NY @ Ben Sherman Soho Store, 8pm
10/20 New York, NY @ APT, 10pm