Till The Break of Dawn by Danny Hoch

Full-length play by Danny Hoch, who wrote, directed and starred in the excellent film Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop. Definitely going to check this out. It’s playing in the Lower East Side (NYC) until October 21st so get your tickets soon! buy tickets (Thanks Christie!)

Set in the summer of 2001, Till the Break of Dawn chronicles a group of activists – teachers and artists – who attend a Hip Hop festival in Havana and find there struggling Cubans, global Hip Hip youths, and even a Black Panther in exile – a woman who challenges (and ultimately strengthens) the New Yorkers’ commitments to activism and to each other.

At the dawn of a turbulent new era, Danny’s crew learns that only after traveling far from home can they put their lives in perspective – and only then can their true education in the politics of social change begin.

Written and Directed by Danny Hoch
In association with Hip-Hop Theater Festival

Bambadjan Bamba, Dominic Colon, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Flaco Navaja, PattyDukes, Gwendolen Hardwick, Leanne L. Long, Jimmie James, Jaymes Jorsling, Maribel Lizardo, Johnny Sanchez and Luis Vega.