Glad to see KRS finally found an established label to push his new solo album proper. Let’s hope a KRS and Buckshot collabo album is in the works. And that 9th Wonder doesn’t produce it. Link

In an exclusive interview with, Black Moon front man, Buckshot, has announced that Duck Down Records has signed the legendary KRS-One. “Yeah, we just signed KRS-One to Duck Down,” Buckshot told “He’s on my label now. We’re going hard, as far as production wise.” Buckshot, who is co-CEO of Duck Down Records with Dru Ha, is also working another album with producer 9th Wonder entitled The Formula. The LP is the follow up to 2005’s Chemistry. “It’s a whole different time,” Buck says in regards to the album’s direction. ‘It’s a different scene. It’s a reflection of what needs to be said and it’s my manifestation. I’m trying to show people that I’m actually greater at what I do then what is perceived when I come up with concepts and stories. The things I do lyrically on this album aren’t easy. That’s the whole point of hip-hop, to do what’s not easy.” The Formula will be released this fall.