Apparently, NYOIL has fans on the board that nominates artists for the Grammy Award. Grammy or not, NYOIL has made his mark on the scene. But if this were to occur, I would be pleasantly shocked, and I would venture to guess, so would most of the community that follows contemporary rap music. (Good looks Derryck)

A rapper advocating the lynching of other rappers whom he deems inappropriate has been submitted for nomination to the Grammy awards in both Category 3 for “Song of the year” and Category 31 “Rap Solo Performance”. The rapper in question NYOIL (pronounced NY Oil) from Staten Island NY released a song titled “Y’all Should All Get Lynched” to unprecedented fan fare in October 2006. The song which decries the behavior of the rappers who “sell out” the black community with lines like “All you fake ass gangsters y’all should all get lynched, because Malcolm X died for you to act like this and Martin Luther King died for you to act like this, and this the best you can come up with?” has become a cult favorite on the internet. The accompanying video was banned by Youtube within 48 hours of loading with over 6,000 views with no explanation. Fans of the artist have uploaded the video onto different sites with roughly a million views collectively.

Sources inform us that the song is getting a push from established artist on the (Grammy) board in response to what is perceived as a “Disgust with current hip hop trends”

This coup would be the first in Grammy History, if nominated NYOIL would be the first independent Rap Artist to achieve such an honor.