4th Disciple - Production Services Rates

Forget Mr. Porter’s cheezy wannabe pop-hop beats. 4th Disciple, the wu-element producer behind some of the Wu-Fam’s most memorable sounds, has recently started offering his services (production, mixing, mastering) to the public at large. What’s that you say? You can’t remember what beats he’s responsible for? Oh, alright. Here’s a small taste.

[audio:http://www.grandgood.com/wordpress/audio/Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow.mp3]
Download A Better Tomorrow by Wu-Tang Clan

[audio:http://www.grandgood.com/wordpress/audio/Killah Priest – B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).mp3]
Download B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) by Killah Priest

[audio:http://www.grandgood.com/wordpress/audio/La The Darkman Masta Killa U-God – Element Of Surprise.mp3]
Download Element Of Surprise by La The Darkman, Masta Killa & U-God

[audio:http://www.grandgood.com/wordpress/audio/Killarmy – Feel It.mp3]
Download Feel It by Killarmy

[audio:http://www.grandgood.com/wordpress/audio/KGB – Bless Ya Life (Grim Mix).mp3]
Download Bless Ya Life (Grim Mix) by KGB

If you have the doe and the skills, I would suggest approaching this man. 4th Disciple has also been busy recently with a contribution to Tragedy Khadafi’s latest album and with the release of The Best Of (740) Vol. 1, a collection of unreleased material. You can get a taste of those two projects on our last audiocast. Link

Production Rates: $500-$5000
ProTools Multi-Track Mixdowns: $250
ProTools 2-Track Mixdowns: $125
Stereo Mastering: $25 Per Song
Radio Edits: $25 Per Song