Wow. Wonderful mix of dubs from Lee Perry, aka, The Upsetter. Blended together for your listening pleasure by Rhythm Incursions’ own Mr Trick. Link (via)

Download Dang In Dub 2: The Curse of the Black Ark presented by Mr. Trick

This is my personal selection of the finest Upsetter dubs from Lee Perry’s legendary time in his Black Ark studio. As a mix, this one is straight-up: 100% live off my 45s (replete with skips, crackles and more!), armed only with a reverb unit and a space echo to aid blends in true dancehall style. These tracks speak for themselves: heavy heavy dubs that can be enjoyed on your walkman, on the stereo or preferably loud as hell in your backyard via some homespun yard system comprising guitar amps, 12″ bass cones and god knows what else.