I wish Chuck D’s Terrordome was a daily blog. He updated a few days ago. Good sh*t. New album, How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul, set to drop on August 7th. Peep the trailer. Lets hope he’ll keeping writing around his busy schedule. Link

Regardless whether he got 10% or 00.2% my cap tips to 50 Cent for at least being involved with such a thing. It’s no secret that I’ve dug into liquor and cigarette companies for exploiting rap music youth into alcohol. I cannot front I’ve drank more vitamin waters than bought CDs. The basic needs remain food, clothing, and shelter. Plus I still think 50 is the best interview out off ALL the artists out there. If he wants to dialogue about millennium rap gangsterism there’s room for it given his background. What I don’t dig is cats that wanna follow him for money sake, even if they don’t believe it themselves. For example this REMY MA shooting incident is so stupid. I would like to send some of these folks a printed note on the sad tale of PHILLY’s HILLTOP HUSTLERS :STEADY B and COOL C – the latter who is on the same death row list as MUMIA ABU JAMAL. Whereas MUMIA’S case is asking for justice and innocent in a accused cop killing of suspicion, COOL C was a triggerman in the death of a single Black mother policewoman in a botched bank robbery attempt. Beside the almost forgotten death of EASY E, this is another rap tragedy that needs to be introduced to new heads as much as BIG and PAC, which seems to be trivialized by the week.