Krs-One discusses many issues in this conference call/interview presented over at He goes into a lot of historically significant events including the disruption of the hip-hop community in NYC during the mid to late nineties and his experiences during this time (I had no idea he was banned from Hot97, but that explains it). He also goes into an issue we try to bring light to all the time, the fact that participants of the original hip-hop community, individuals that were around from the beginning, are overlooked in popular media today. And they aren’t just overlooked, but glossed over, as if their existence is known but not fully understood. Krs-One takes up this issue, using Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop as an example. He points out some historical inaccuracies in the book but more importantly he checks Chang for failing to exhaust easily accessible references. Respect to Krs-One for always speaking his mind and minding what he speaks. The shine he’s been getting from this Hip-Hop Lives record is great. Link to interview, Chang’s response (via)