Wu Movie (H2O) - Cappadonna, Gerald Barclay (director), Popa Wu and crew

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to go see the previously mentioned, independently filmed, documentary on the Wu Tang Clan – The Wu Movie. Presented by Gee Bee Productions and Wu Films Inc. the documentary provides an interesting behind the scenes perspective on the rise of the Wu-Tang, the innovation of the clan and some of the inner strife and struggles the individual members were confronted with throughout their careers.

We were treated to a lot of great footage including scenes from one of their first major tours and some studio sessions that I’m sure any fan would die to see, like the recording of Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx. We also got to hear a lot of first hand accounts regarding some of the group’s inner beef, but presented in a way that respects their privacy. Props to the production crew for some great editing. The narrative also goes into the death of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. The footage and interviews on that topic were very touching, especially the one with Popa Wu. But again, this was presented in a very tasteful way. And speaking of interviews, it was great to see Rza’s older brother, Mitchell Diggs aka Divine, call out Dash on that ODB record deal.

I would recommend seeing this to any Wu Fan or just straight up hiphop fan. Hopefully this will eventually get some kind of real distribution and not be confined to the film festival circuit. Their was a Q&A session after the screening with the Director, his crew, Popa Wu and Cappadonna. Cap mentioned that the recording for 8 Diagrams is going well and the music is supposedly going to be raw as hell. Cap also mentioned he has a new album out, The Cappatalize Project. Be on the look out. Popa Wu has a book coming out but not too many details on that one. I wish I would have asked some questions but I was too busy trying to mess with my crappy phone cam. Anyway, here’s the extended trailer.